Hi! I’m Vadim

I’m yet new to lifestyle consultancy (coaching), being a lawyer since 2004, servicing individuals as well as big international companies, including those from Top-10 in their spheres.

I love LIFE and am happy with itI hope to share a few tricks on how to take over your life.

Not promising you absolute knowledge, though. On the contrary, I’m going to show that there are various, multiple paths leading to same destinations, like in any city. That’s the beauty of life.

Born in 1984. Have a son.
Love travel, sports (working out, swimming, snowboarding, walking, hiking, did martial arts at school, tried skiing, but my affection lies with the board, outdoor games, etc.), gadgets, learn new stuff, advance my mind and share knowledge.

Nothing so special, right? But who cares, if you are happy and pleased with what you are? After all, this is what we actually want – being happy.

It’s crucial to set your own aims and define your real wishes.

Hopefully, by explaining correct approaches to life, I will help you find and see your unique path, understand it, accept or take it (whichever you’re more comfortable with) and, thus, reclaim your natural rights to happiness.

Behind any closed door there is a whole new world of opportunities, a whole new world to explore.

I always wanted to help people. I started with being a lawyer, but scales and impact of help as a lawyer are not even close to those of a mentor’s potential.

I do not fully concur with Human Design, yet it does have sense in it and that’s what Human Design saves for myself: “The energy of this Cross is to see and be open to the possibilities. You are here to guide us by showing us the many possible directions and ways to create a beautiful world. You point out the many possible roads we may choose to take or give suggestions for alternate routes. However, you may have difficulty explaining why to take that suggested route“.

That’s what I did pretty well for my friends and I hope to successfully entertain my abilities to help YOU. No worries about the last sentence in a quote, really. At least, all the feedback I get from audiences of my legal lectures are A and A++ 🙂

Check out my Advance Your Mind page.

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