I love travelling.

I will keep my travel blog as short, thorough, illustrative and insightful as my perception of my travels and time (to write a post) allow me.

My post structure will usually contain:

  • general information – not the one you can easily find yourself, but that which you are likely to face being on your journey,
  • itinerary (my own route and route tips, including time needed to travel from one spot to another, if it’s not easily figured out, and time I advise to spend in a specific point of interest, attraction),
  • costs involved,
  • tips how to make your journey smoother.

To understand better my approaches and perception of life, if they correlate with you and if you’re likely to get similar travel experience, you might wanna have a look at my “Advance Your Mind” blog on living a happy and conscious life.

Hopefully, together with my tips in mastering happiness and personality development, your trip will be remarkable and unforgettable.

Have comments or questions? Feel free to comment in my blog, and I will reply ASAP. I am just getting started with this web-site, so your interest and participation will be highly appreciated and considered – yep, pretty much you can define the materials which will be appearing here.

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