Manhattan from the Top. Helicopter tour

This photo is on my first trip to USA (the country I love). I must say I then spent a hell of a time planning it, asking my friends for the tips. So now that I have my own experience I’ll gladly share it with you. This is my Manhattan experience.

You can not ignore Manhattan New York if you go to the US. The New York helicopter tour is rather pricey. If you have a company of 4-6 people, you might get a better price for each. But there is not much to see from up there. Helicopter goes around Manhattan Island but not above it. You get to see more from the top of Rockefeller Center or Empire State Building.

Save that money for something else. For instance, “bird” tour over the Grand Canyon. Unless you’ve never had a helicopter experience before, then, okay, you can go for it, as was my case. Don’t forget about discounts – you might be lucky to get one (try out Groupon or something like that).

BTW, the Statue of Freedom indeed is much smaller than I expected it to be (after watching American movies). Can you believe it, it’s only 6 meters!

Mindful Experience

It’s just a beautiful flower at first sight. But if you allow yourself a few seconds of a closer look, you might notice some seeds. Well, I’d like to think those are seeds and not the web in the leaves.

All blend well with wonderful sunshine and raindrops forming some sort of a rainbow. Nature never run out of wonders to amaze me. Mindful experience allows us to look much deeper and see the real beauty of people and things around us.

Pay attention to such things around you, look closer and deeper. When was the last time you look at the sky and admire the beauty of the stars? When was the last time you look at the stone and discover how one differs from the other? Sometimes, we tend to forget to see small things and appreciate their existence.

Remember about your breath (as a warm up, as a way to return to the present moment). It is amazing to take a time out of the hustle and bustle of modern living and be one with yourself. Technology paves the way to the creation of social media platforms. These help us to connect faster and better. We often forget about the connection among ourselves.

Thus come to a mindful experience of your life and reclaim inner energy.

How to Travel More

If you love to travel, but think you don’t have enough time or maybe your job won’t let you have extra vacation, realize that official time for vacation is not a natural law, Don’t limit your mind and perception with laws that are not natural in basis.

Put it in your travel plan, figure out a way to do that. Start at least with a few extra weeks off a year. Don’t wait for your boss to allow or to grant it, plan it, TAKE it and make sure you reimburse your boss/clients, so it’s a win-win.

As a matter of fact, no one will die or suffer if you are absent a little longer if you do that right. Your boss/clients don’t owe you anything, but a cool thing is – neither do you!
So don’t expect them to be generous towards you, instead offer them a “deal” or just take what you want (if you’re in that position). Bear in mind that your vacation is a well-deserved treat after working so hard.

Don’t reject your desires. Work them out. One more time, just plan an extra vacation, write this thought down on a sticker and stick it to a spot you see each time. You can put it on your mirror, your office table or leave your apartment (maybe a door). The world will then help you, just don’t deny it and stay open to opportunities!

Get rid of fears (it won’t work out, you need to work, you will lose your job/clients, you won’t have enough money, etc). Like any other thing, traveling for leisure requires planning, preparation, and money. Take a deep breath, relax and think of the beautiful memories you could make.

Vinpearl Safari at Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Safari at Phu Quoc has quite a nice territory but yet not finished, some animals are hard to see. They claim to have 150 animal species living in 380 hectares. It is located in Long Beach and followed the international Safari model.

They have an animal show at 2 pm. – can’t say anything amazing of it. It will cost you 500k dong (450k only if you buy through an agent, price for Vinpearl members) to tour around which seems to be overpriced. Look for an accredited agent to get competitive ticket price. If you would compare Vinpearl Safari to Saigon Zoo where you can see animals much closer, it’s not good. Saigon Zoo offers great variety and the ticket price is affordable and worth it.

If you’ve seen a few zoos, then I’d suggest you skip this one unless they change the price. You better spend same amount of money for extra day in Vinpearl Land.

Power of a Smile

Just a lovely dog play for illustration. They look carefree and having fun. At least one of them. Given a little more time, the other dog will feel the happiness. Happiness is contagious and one smile can brighten up a dark room. Consider the happy dog as your best friend. When you are in despair, seeing him smiling could lighten your day and you will no longer feel alone.

The thing is that they both will eventually be in a better mood if they don’t resist a fun of playing.

As stupid as it may seem, but a tip to start your morning with a smile, smile at the mirror (I never tried this awkward trick though but if you’re ok with it, go ahead!). Smile as often as you can to other people, to your surroundings, whatever, indeed, – has a solid ground (btw, you don’t necessarily have to smile on a surface, it could be an inner smile, which also has power in it). It lifts the spirits and after some time practicing will make a character, will help you control your mood.

Make it a habit to always smile, such positive attitude could mean a lot to others especially those who are hopeless and are in deep trouble. Smile more and the world will smile back at you.

Your mood and smile are interconnected. It’s not just a one-way stream.  When you are happy, your face lights up and you are inspired to do better. This could uplift the spirit of the people around you. Today, with a lot of things for people to worry about, everyone deserves to enjoy the power of a smile.

Vinpear Land Aquarium

Vinpearl Land Aquarium has quite beautiful fish in it; considering it’s not a stand alone one, really nice. Great experience on Phu Quoc.

Vinpearl Land offers various entertainment and the aquarium is a must-visit attraction. The Vinpearl Land Aquarium features a massive collection of fresh water fish and sea creatures from different parts of the world. One of my favorites is the Gentoo penguins. They are known for their speed and considered as the fastest in the penguin family.

Vinpearl Land Aquarium is a place where everyone in the family will definitely enjoy!


Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc
It was amazing in Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc. It has 3 zones: roller coaster, arcade, and water slide. I bet everyone could find something to one’s taste. You can easily spend a whole day there.
Make sure you don’t go to a restaurant there – food really sucks. Worst I tried for a long time, some I couldn’t even eat and all these cost quite a bit. But, the fast food was delicious. So don’t be fooled by the “restaurant” or you stay hungry 🙂
The general price for the ticket is 500k dong. But, you can get it for 450k in a tourist agency or from a guy in a Vinpearl shuttle bus. That’s the price for Vinpearl members.
We got there to Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc by 9.30 and stayed until 19.30. Sadly, we didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted. Indeed, the place is an entertainment paradise.
Make sure you allow yourself enough time to explore different entertainment activities. Both the indoor and outdoor play areas. The aquarium and the music stage are the top favorites. Don’t think of making Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari in one day.
Virgin Islands discounts

In 2017, a traveller can get $300 for his fun travel in US Virgin Islands, a part of Caribbean Islands. Click for more details.

Phu Quoc Puppies

These puppies are a Phu Quoc breed. Looking nice, they, nevertheless, are considered to be strong, fast and helpful at hunting.

There was one weak and small puppy, that all the rest puppies were constantly strangling. Eventually, the next day there was no weak puppy. Not sure who did that – his brothers or his master. But that was survival of the fittest, however cruel it might seem, this is life, the life of the dogs.

Develop yourself, don’t aim to become someone or better than someone, become better than you were. Be stronger, figuratively and literally speaking. Get motivated by others, but do not wish to take someone’s path.


Did you ever think that it takes over 8 minutes for the sunlight to reach Earth?
Light from stars – up to a million years!

Planets are never there, where we see them. Kind of magic, isn’t it?

Give time to anything in your life – love, dream, aim, etc. If you don’t get something right away, don’t drop the idea. Visualize it, think of it and act towards it, act as if you were almost there and it’s about to be yours, and it will come to you, but never get obsessed. Keep a clear mind.