Advance Your Mind

Why not?
Life journey along with happiness and consciousness

I am here to guide you to a full, bright and positive life, to help you:

  • build correct perception of life, people and the world around you,
  • find your own, unique path and learn to see the beauty around you,
  • get rid of fears, prejudice, guilt and other constraints.

Eventually, you are supposed to advance your mind, to apprehend Yourself, to live conscious life and be aware of your inner and outer world.

I am not going to theorize a lot, nor am I saying I will teach you the only and best way to happiness and awareness in life, but I promise this is what works and it will get you there, should you so desire and believe. It worked for me.

I really like to dig deep. So what I will be telling you is not something I have invented on my own or what have come down on me (no, no such miracles; yet, I do not deny they might exist). Consider me as a filter. I will just highlight key points for better understanding, shed light on the right things and approaches, explain how they work (again, things might work very different ways).

And word “just” is one of the keys. So many times in life we need to be guided or enlightened with just a clear and plain thought, obvious knowledge. I believe we all know our own way to happiness, we just forget it, being conditioned since childhood or even birth.

I don’t intend to make this web-site a motivational one, there are plenty of such. I hope to give you specific tips on HOW to make your life better, how to evolve awareness and get rid of shackles, feel free and light.
Advanced mind can do that. You can do that, just get some “work out” for your mind, advance it, keep it in a good shape.

Ok, let’s get to business – and start advancing your mind with my blog.

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