Mindful Experience

Mindful Experience

It’s just a beautiful flower at first sight. But if you allow yourself a few seconds of a closer look, you might notice some seeds. Well, I’d like to think those are seeds and not the web in the leaves.

All blend well with wonderful sunshine and raindrops forming some sort of a rainbow. Nature never run out of wonders to amaze me. Mindful experience allows us to look much deeper and see the real beauty of people and things around us.

Pay attention to such things around you, look closer and deeper. When was the last time you look at the sky and admire the beauty of the stars? When was the last time you look at the stone and discover how one differs from the other? Sometimes, we tend to forget to see small things and appreciate their existence.

Remember about your breath (as a warm up, as a way to return to the present moment). It is amazing to take a time out of the hustle and bustle of modern living and be one with yourself. Technology paves the way to the creation of social media platforms. These help us to connect faster and better. We often forget about the connection among ourselves.

Thus come to a mindful experience of your life and reclaim inner energy.

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