Manhattan from the Top

Manhattan from the Top. Helicopter tour

This photo is on my first trip to USA (the country I love). I must say I then spent a hell of a time planning it, asking my friends for the tips. So now that I have my own experience I’ll gladly share it with you. This is my Manhattan experience.

You can not ignore Manhattan New York if you go to the US. The New York helicopter tour is rather pricey. If you have a company of 4-6 people, you might get a better price for each. But there is not much to see from up there. Helicopter goes around Manhattan Island but not above it. You get to see more from the top of Rockefeller Center or Empire State Building.

Save that money for something else. For instance, “bird” tour over the Grand Canyon. Unless you’ve never had a helicopter experience before, then, okay, you can go for it, as was my case. Don’t forget about discounts – you might be lucky to get one (try out Groupon or something like that).

BTW, the Statue of Freedom indeed is much smaller than I expected it to be (after watching American movies). Can you believe it, it’s only 6 meters!

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