Power of a Smile

Power of a Smile

Just a lovely dog play for illustration. They look carefree and having fun. At least one of them. Given a little more time, the other dog will feel the happiness. Happiness is contagious and one smile can brighten up a dark room. Consider the happy dog as your best friend. When you are in despair, seeing him smiling could lighten your day and you will no longer feel alone.

The thing is that they both will eventually be in a better mood if they don’t resist a fun of playing.

As stupid as it may seem, but a tip to start your morning with a smile, smile at the mirror (I never tried this awkward trick though but if you’re ok with it, go ahead!). Smile as often as you can to other people, to your surroundings, whatever, indeed, – has a solid ground (btw, you don’t necessarily have to smile on a surface, it could be an inner smile, which also has power in it). It lifts the spirits and after some time practicing will make a character, will help you control your mood.

Make it a habit to always smile, such positive attitude could mean a lot to others especially those who are hopeless and are in deep trouble. Smile more and the world will smile back at you.

Your mood and smile are interconnected. It’s not just a one-way stream.  When you are happy, your face lights up and you are inspired to do better. This could uplift the spirit of the people around you. Today, with a lot of things for people to worry about, everyone deserves to enjoy the power of a smile.

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