How to Travel More

How to Travel More

If you love to travel, but think you don’t have enough time or maybe your job won’t let you have extra vacation, realize that official time for vacation is not a natural law, Don’t limit your mind and perception with laws that are not natural in basis.

Put it in your travel plan, figure out a way to do that. Start at least with a few extra weeks off a year. Don’t wait for your boss to allow or to grant it, plan it, TAKE it and make sure you reimburse your boss/clients, so it’s a win-win.

As a matter of fact, no one will die or suffer if you are absent a little longer if you do that right. Your boss/clients don’t owe you anything, but a cool thing is – neither do you!
So don’t expect them to be generous towards you, instead offer them a “deal” or just take what you want (if you’re in that position). Bear in mind that your vacation is a well-deserved treat after working so hard.

Don’t reject your desires. Work them out. One more time, just plan an extra vacation, write this thought down on a sticker and stick it to a spot you see each time. You can put it on your mirror, your office table or leave your apartment (maybe a door). The world will then help you, just don’t deny it and stay open to opportunities!

Get rid of fears (it won’t work out, you need to work, you will lose your job/clients, you won’t have enough money, etc). Like any other thing, traveling for leisure requires planning, preparation, and money. Take a deep breath, relax and think of the beautiful memories you could make.

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