Accept or Struggle?

Accept or Struggle? @ Bug Sur, California

This formula is not about your actions, it is ONLY about metaphysical, your feelings, your perception.

A lot of people fall into the wrong understanding, believing that Buddhism in general and acceptance, in particular, are about not doing, passive.

Wrong. It’s about correct aligning of your inner world with peace.

They argue that if a frog in a bottle wouldn’t fight, it would sink in the milk. This is not a legit argument, it shows misunderstanding. It’s like replying “no, it’s lighter” to “it’s heavier”, but switching from weight to luminosity comparison.

Keep your heart cool and your mind clear. The actions you take will be more efficient, the result will be better. All action movies are about it – you don’t let your emotions interfere when you fight.

Like on this photo: you do not relax or loosen up here, no way 🙂 but you accept what might happen if you don’t climb back up.

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